JAMES VINCENT MILANO is a brand founded in 2017 by Italian-born Maria Valerio and American-born Zachary James Johnson.

Partners in both life and business from the instant the two met, they felt that creating James Vincent was a necessity, a means to try and express the luxury and beauty ideals the two believe in. Established in Milan, the brand’s strengths reside in the deeply rooted cultural background of the founders – the Italian artisanal and visual savoir-faire and the ambitiousness of the American Dream. James Vincent occupies its own space, bridging specific design features with expert Italian craftsmanship. The result is a unique product that connects a defined aesthetic – Zachary’s and Maria’s – to peculiarities that usually belong to the bespoke world.

Both born under Virgo, Maria (24) and Zachary (28) met in Milan on a muggy mid-summer night, by a fate accident. Quickly realizing they shared the same vision on life, the conception of James Vincent was organic, exacting in its sourcing and obstinate in its perspective. Having no formal experience in the luxury industry, Maria and Zachary handle all operations of the brand.

Maria Valerio, born in Bari, developed her personal sense of style growing up in her aunt’s dressmaking atelier, with whom she shares name, last name and ethos. Her fashion styling studies at Istituto Marangoni Milano shaped a multifaceted education that perfectly blends with her cultural heritage. She is in control of the artistic direction of James Vincent.

Zachary James Johnson, born in the suburbs outside Boston, was raised completely removed from the world of fashion and design. Spending his youth focussed heavily on sports, he walked away from his university scholarship to explore his options. He ultimately landed in Milano, instinctively, where he met Maria. Zachary is the designer of James Vincent, named after his father, a role that perfectly fits his methodical mind, fastness of thought and obsession with details in sizing and fitting.