In 2017 James Vincent Milano was conceived upon a conversation discussing the state of humanity – luxury has been lost in translation.
Born out of necessity due to a lack of truly desirable product, the brand’s strengths reside in the deeply rooted cultural background of the founders –

the Italian artisanal and visual savoir-faire and the ambitiousness of the American Dream.

We define the brand as an anthology with the ultimate goal of expanding our taste across industries in order to create an all encomposing world.

With such a specific product, we have chosen to work in a way that is very personal on all levels. That is the reason why we do not solicit a public relations firm, instead through word of mouth and uncompromising integrity we aim to create a truly exclusive and prestigious heritage
that started with us, the two founders.

The democratisation and speed of the world today have brought access to anything at anytime in an instant.
Information used to be a luxury, whereas today the last luxury is time.
It is our belief that, in order to create anything of true luxury, it requires time.

From the weaving of our cloth and the vegetable tanning of our natural vacchetta leather, to the norvegese construction of our wholecut boot and the tailoring of our silk jacket, time is the uniting factor.

Time is careful, fragile and fleeting.
Time does not come from an industrialised process.
Our ability lies in the capacity to understand, acknowledge and appreciate this
and to find the artisans that can perfectly convey our message by executing the products we envision.
Their experienced hands are the eaux-de-vie to the life of James Vincent Milano.

James Vincent Milano © 2024

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